Thursday, May 04, 2006

Birthday invitations...

I really need to finish printing these and get them in the mail!! The invites for the school friends are done and ready for my daughter to hand out today. I know my daughter was expecting a little more with the invites but I don't think I can top what I did last year. We had a pirate theme and the invites were pretty cool if I can say so myself. I used plastic water bottles with the labels removed and then added sand, shells, jewels, and sea glass. Then I made the invitations look like an old map with burnt edges tied with a rope like string. To top it off I used wine corks to keep everything in until they removed the invite.

I have to say my daughter was very nice when she said "these are good mom"! We are having a bird show and the kids will swim too.

No off to the vet so that my other dog can get some meds for her allergies!!!

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