Friday, July 27, 2007

Some of my favorite things

I have to say I'm a product junkie. When I really like something I have to buy it as soon as I start running low. For example I just love the Jasmine Vanilla hand cream from Bath & Body Works. As soon as my hands start to feel dry I slather this stuff on. It makes my hands nice and smooth. Here are a couple of other favorites. What are yours??


mamichelle said...

Great idea! Love my BBW Juniper Breeze body lotion. I just bought a new one I haven't tried yet, something cucumber & ??

I'll try to post a few on my blog tomorrow.

mamichelle said...

Grrrrr...I took photos and forgot my card at home! I'll try to remember tomorrow.

Linsey M. said...

I am a product junkie too.
Kehil's silk groom for my hair & I love B&BW's Japanese Cherry Blossom spray.