Monday, October 13, 2008

Not such a beautiful day in paradise!

You see this last Saturday I get a call on my cell phone I don't get up fast enough to answer. Then my home phone starts ringing and I just have this feeling that I better answer this call. It is the manager of the condo we own in Hawaii. The upstairs unit has flooded and the water has been coming into our kitchen through the ceiling and the light fixture!!! The cleaning lady noticed this disaster when she came in to prep our condo for our renters that were scheduled to arrive later that day. WHAT?!?!

So the manager goes on to tell me that the hose to the ice maker had come loose and was purging water onto the floor. Who knows how long this has been going on. Our friends stayed in the condo until the 21st of Sept. This could have been going on since then! Not sure if the owners live in their condo year round. The manager left a message for them about their extensive water damage.

As for our renters I left them a message letting them know what happened. I call our head cleaning lady to have her go out with a contractor and check for any more damage or leaks that might be happening. She said the ceiling is saturated and the that one of the light fixture globes is broken and the other is just kind of hanging there. She said it looks unsightly and the contractor said the cabinets might need to come down. My wool pineapple rug has been soaked and most likely ruined, the stainless steal appliances have spots as do the kitchen cabinets. God only knows how much water is still up there in the ceiling and how much of that water has travelled to other places in the condo. Gosh,I just had another new wallpaper....not sure if that was ruined :(

The renters call us back and are very sorry and just can't stay. They say it smells like mildew or mold can't remember which my husband talked to him. Anyway, he goes on to say that it looks pretty bad. He was very nice about it and said the rest of the condo was very nice. He was on vacation for three weeks with his wife and two young children; can't say we blame him for wanting to rent elsewhere. So guess what we have to refund him his $5,600.00 check.......yikes. I hope the insurance covers this as well as the damage to the condo.

My husband has lost sleep over this and it has been decided that he will travel there to take pictures and really take a first hand look at the damage talk to the manager and get a couple estimates. We just need to get the ball rolling as we have renters coming next month. We will have to make a few trips and the next one we will turn into a mini vacation.


mamichelle said...

Oh NO, that's horrible! I'm so sorry this happened. I hope you get a good response from the ins. co. Good luck!

bAbYbEcKy said...

OMG! You have got to be kidding!!! How terrible. :(