Wednesday, March 16, 2011

How Can This Be?!

I decided to start posting on my blog again, it's a good way to look back and reflect. So here it goes...

My first born turned 21 this past Monday! I just can't believe how fast those 21 years have flown by! She was always a happy baby and still is a happy person. Don't get me wrong she has her moments but for the most part is a hard working 21 year old girl! We had a little party for her on Saturday and on Monday the b-day girl and her dad went to lunch she even had a glass of wine which she didn't finish. :) Today we went to get a mani/pedi and grab some lunch. We stopped by the outlets to get her boyfriend a dress shirt because a group of them are going out on Friday to celebrate her b-day.

Love her to pieces!

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