Monday, September 10, 2007

More goodies....

Tell me what girl doesn't like to shop especially for new scrapbook goodies? My friend and I went to Youngplay Memories in Tracy, Ca. It was our first time there and the young ladies working were very nice and had a lot of patience with us (we kept on adding things to our purchases) lucky for us there was no one behind us in line. Although, we wouldn't keep adding if there was a line behind us. It's the stores fault that we kept on adding they always have the really cute items by the register, kwim?? Kinda like when you go to the store and they have the gum, candy, and magazines by the register??? I always end up throwing a pack of gum on the belt or even better a gossip magazine?!? Do you do the same??

Oh, and did I mention that Tracy was having their Tracy Dry Bean Festival? Kind of weird I thought. I guess they have a festival for pretty much everything these days. Well here's a picture of my goodies, did not buy to much as I had already made a trip to another scrapbook store the week before. Now it's off to vacuum and do some laundry........yuck!!!!


mamichelle said...

Ooh, very cool! Yes, my lss has those cute things right at the register too! Evil, I tell ya!

Love the hibiscius flowers. Are they a stamp or mask? Or maybe a rub-on. I could use them in my Hawaii album. I'll have to check my lss.

mamichelle said...

Thanks for the info link!!

And thanks for voting. I'm back to my personal favorite. I thought the same as you did.