Monday, November 05, 2007

Wowza...what a busy weekend!

Okay, it all started at 3:00 p.m. on Friday and ended, well it has not ended even though the weekend has. So I have a friend who owns an Italian Restaurant along with her husband in Morgan Hill and it was her birthday. It was a four of us going out to celebrate and we had a limo from 3 pm. until 1:00 a.m. Anthony the limo driver picked me up first and then proceeded to pick up the other three ladies. We were a little early to our dinner reservation at Blowfish (sushi place) in Santana Row so we decided to share a half bottle of champagne at the Left Bank also in Santana Row while we waited. It was a nice bottle of champagne!!!! I guess I should tell you that one of my friends is a wine connoisseur (sp?) and really knows how to pair wine/champagne/sake and food. She is a buyer for the restaurant and local liquor store. We ended up having some great sake with our sushi (I have a fear of drinking too much sake, read previous post). I have to say that I am totally in love with Blowfish!

We then headed over to the Flint center for an Italian concert featuring Pasquale the Italian tenor (who has played at my friends restaurant at a food and wine dinner that was held a month or so ago). Gigi D'Alessio and wife Anna were also singing and were so wonderful their voices are like that of angels. Even though I do not speak Italian I can understand some words as I speak Spanish and many of the words are similar; I really understood the feeling of the music. I think music is universal and that we can all enjoy and connect with music from all around the world. It was a little weird when we first arrived cause it felt like I was in a scene from The Sopranos...I don't mean to offend but really everyone there could have been cast in an episode of the above mentioned HBO show!!!! Oh and the best part we were in the second row and got to go back stage, I will get pictures from my friend as I was not feeling too well and did not hand them my camera.

On the way home from the concert we drank some wine and talked for a while then we headed to Jack In The Box for a breakfast ciabatta which probably has like 5000 calories in it!!

On Saturday my daughter had a soccer game 45 minutes away from home and on Sunday the same only local. I was exhausted, if you remember I have Mono and I get tired very easy. Monday I ended up at the Pediatrician as my older daughter has Mono as well and has since caught a virus and of course I'm not feeling to hot either now. I have a very full week ahead and am a little bummed that I'm behind on a couple of projects one at BPS and a Gratitude Journal that KathyM is doing over at SBA.

Well I hope you all had a great weekend!!

P.S. Did you notice my new banner?? It was designed by the one and only Chris her blog, you should go check it out.


mamichelle said...

I started to comment about your new banner yesterday and someone came up to my desk so I clicked out!

very nice!!! I love it. I've seen others she's done. She's very talented!

Glad you had fun.

April said...

That is a really cool banner.

Saoirse Daily said...

Was adding the music radio hard to do? I would love to learn how to do that. Your photo bucket slide shows are awesome! Your blog is one of my favorites. Come visit.