Friday, October 26, 2007

Wellness Journey Class @ BPS

I have been wanting to live a healthier lifestyle (more on the BPS class below). You know lose a few pounds, eat healthier, exercise, sleep more, don't sweat the small stuff, you get the picture. Well the other day someone from SBA (Scrapbook Addict) mentioned that she uses Sparkpeople to help her on her with her fitness/nutrition goals. I have signed up and let me tell you what a difference it makes when you journal and account for all of the calories you take in!! I had no real idea how many calories I would take in with out even thinking about it. For example, I would eat half a handful of Good & Plenty candies or I would take a bite of whatever sweet my daughter would be eating. Also, when my energy level was down midday (do to lack of exercise) I would order a grande latte (low-fat milk) several times a week. Even though I ordered a low-fat latte that is still 130 calories x's 3 coffee's a week that's an extra 1560 calories a month. I mean it adds up and that's just the coffee.

Okay, so BPS, I get an email for a class {Wellness Journey} being taught by Lisa Cohen, I love her blog and read it often. I have never taken an on-line class but this along with sparkpeople just seem to be the right combination for me. It seems like such a coincidence that I was informed of these two great ideas/sites in the same week. I get to create a cute album documenting my {Wellness Journey} and I love that I get to be creative and live a healthier life style. It starts Nov. 1st and ends on my birthday Jan. 23rd!!! Woo hoo, this is meant to be. I want to lose between 8-10 lbs. This is totally something I can accomplish; want to join me?


Betsy in ar said...

Do I have to sign up at sparkpeople to lose?LOL!
I'm with ya!

mamichelle said...

Wow, that's fantastic! What a nice way to start!

Hope you're feeling better!