Monday, October 15, 2007

Blog Action Day and Sicko's

First off it's Blog Action Day see logo off to the right and click. I do my best to recycle and do my part. I'm not perfect but I'm better. I recycle everything I can. My daughter has even made some $$ by taking the bottles, cans, and plastics to the recycling center. I think she will have made close to $50.00 once we go and turn in our recycling this week. We use canvas bags and will be composting now that we have our garden/landscaping projects completed. So do what you can cause every little bit helps!

On a different note my oldest daughter and I have been diagnosed with Mono. Yucko! This is not what I want to have at this moment or ever wished on having at anytime but the virus is here to stay for a while. This does however explain a lot....tired, sore throat, ear problems, nausea, headaches to name a few. My poor daughter had the worst rash ever (something I have not had). I took her back to the doc's and she's now on her fourth medication. Mostly we are tired, drained, exhausted!!!! I think I need a nap as I type but really I'm not one to take naps. When ever I try to nap I'm always thinking I could be doing something, cleaning out the closet, organizing the home, baking some pumpkin bread, gosh I'd even scrub the toilets, all four of them if only I could have my energy back. Don't get me wrong several times now my body has failed me and I have taken naps as long as 2 hours. Mostly I do things and then sit for a while and read my email but who am I kidding I need a nap so bad right now. My body feels like a sack of cement...just heavy. I have to finish the laundry, pick up youngest daughter from school, stop by my business partners office and pick up the checkbook so that I can buy some furniture for our condo in Hawaii, homework, soccer practice, and dinner. Holy cow I'm going to bed early tonight for sure. Hope you all stay healthy as we head into the colder months.

I have been trying to organize my scrap space. Here's a picture of a table that used to be in our family room. My husband tried to bribe me into getting rid of it. He even said he would buy me a new one when I was ready. No, no, no, was my response to that request. So this table has been in our garage for almost a year and now I will use it for some of my scrapping supplies, it's perfect!!

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mamichelle said...

Oh cool! Love that table. It's perfect!

Thanks for stopping by. My ds is over it and moving on to another! LOL His friend went for the ex after all and he's ok with it. Kids, they bounce right back, don't they?!

mamichelle said...

I forgot to say that I really hope you and dd feel better soon!

mamichelle said...

Can't wait to see Lulu's costume! Old Navy has some great ones!

SnoopMurph said...

Oooh, love the table. Perfect for scrapping.

I really hope you feel better soon!