Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Birthday Party

On Saturday my friends and family helped me celebrate my birthday at my favorite Italian Restaurant. We had a ton great food and drink. I think we had like 32 bottles of wine, 30+ beers, bruschetta, calamari, shrimp, eggplant salad, caesar salad, sea bass, new york steak, rack of lamb, sauteed spinach, creamy potatoes and tiramisu. YUMMO!!!! Holy cow we all were stuffed but we danced it all away with Massive Sounds DJ in the house!!!!!! We danced to some old school stuff and some of the new top 20 stuff. It was a night to remember and I have my husband to thank for it. He planned the whole thing by himself......he gets big time brownie points!!! This is the longest running b-day as we have dinner plans at another restaurant only this time it's French inspired. My youngest was on a school trip so she wasn't here to celebrate my b-day so we will all be together tomorrow to celebrate my b-day once again!!!!! See some b-day photos to the right----------->>>

Oh, and by the way I'm not 47 as my b-day cake implies....just a little joke from the chef and owner of the restaurant.

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