Thursday, January 24, 2008

Yosemite & Birthday

My daughter is on a trip to Yosemite and they call and tell me she has been throwing up for 8 hours....I feel sooo bad for her. She was finally able to keep a little water down. My daughter is missing the spider cave trip with her friends today and was so looking forward to going. They will call me later and give me an update. They were concerned that she was dehydrated and if she continued to get sick they would take her to the hospital for and IV. poor baby I feel helpless and it's a 4.5 hour drive to be with her. We will go if she is worse....but she won't, right? Let's think good thoughts.

On another note it was my b-day yesterday and I turned 37, ouch that hurt! Here's a self pic cause no one was home and I wanted a pic of myself....not too shabby cause I have the flash on so that my wrinkles don't show so much!!! My husband, older daughter (will go to dinner again when younger daughter is home from her trip) and I went to shopping and then out to dinner. It was really yummy! I had Mahi Mahi with wild mushrooms, asparagus and potatoes, dessert was a little disappointing. Here are my gifts from last night a jacket and purse. My husband surprised me by buying me this Gucci Bag (wallet will be sent from another store). I also bought myself some goodies from the LSS!

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mamichelle said...

37?!!! You look like you're 30 max! I didn't see any wrinkles. You're gorgeous, so fo-get about it!

Sorry bout your dd. I hope she feels better and can enjoy the rest of the trip!

Love that jacket!!!