Sunday, February 17, 2008

What a busy week!

Saturday: We go and watch my daughter's indoor soccer team kick some butt and win their game by like alot. I know it doesn't really matter if you win or lose.....yadda, yadda, yadda, but we won so all is cool until I get home and a few hours later my dog gets attacked by something. I head on over to the ER across town and spend a total of four hours there and about a months worth of groceries on her ER Vet bill. I don't know exactly what happened but I guess she was bitten by my neighbors dog or some crazy wild animal. All I know is I love her and I wish I had pet insurance!!! One ER visit and two Vet visits later and I tell you it is expensive.... but like I said, I love her and she is worth every penny! Oh, and my daughter also had soccer tryouts for a competition team.

Sunday: it's all about house and another soccer tryout. My daughter gets asked to join a top competition soccer team. She was already on a comp team but when they saw her at tryouts they wanted her to move up. It took us a week to decide to have her join. We love our other team, the girls, parents and coaches are all great. This is another level of competition, committment and travel. We are happy for out daughter as she has worked hard to improve her skills and move up a level.

Monday: It's all about going to dinner after homework and such...oh, and the follow up visit with the regular Vet.

Tuesday: We celebrate our friends b-day. It's a surprise and I'm not there for that part cause my daughter has a soccer game (she's also on her school team) in another town far, far away. She fails to tell me I'm giving three other girls a ride to the game (which is normally cool by the way) which means I need to take them back to the school, not too cool since I have to be at the "surprise" birthday. You get the picture, I miss the "surprise" but it's okay I have a wonderful time once there. Here's a picture of the b-day girl.

Wednesday: Bills, bills and more bills for our business. Then it's off to run errands and pick up the children. Homework then tutoring then dinner.

Thursday:You guessed it it's Vet time again, laundry, grocery shopping, then another school soccer game and finally a romantic V-day dinner.

Friday: My friend calls me and asks if I want to scrap. She gets to leave work early...hello, yeah I want to scrap. I put pretty much everything on hold and scrap until 2:00 am. Don't get much done but we have so much fun.

Saturday: Getting ready for another indoor soccer game yeah...Before we go my husband notices that my doggy is bleeding through her bandage!!!! Okay, I know you are tired of hearing it but it's another Vet visit for me!!!! Oh, and we win the soccer game by lots!

Oh, before leaving for the game/Vet I'm walking my dog Lulu outside on our front yard and all of a sudden I hear like a crazy shwooooooooo sound. I look up and I see these to hot air balloons right in front of me taking off from a field across the way. How cool is that? So I run in and get the hubby, the kiddos and the camera cause how often does that happen?

Sunday: Cirque du Soleil very cool.

I finally finished a layout thanks to kathym over at I made a layout of some of my favorite things. She had a challenge for us to play with our stuff and scrap our favorite things. Well, I have not used buttons in some time but it felt good to use them up. This two page layout is kinda crowed, not my usual style but I have lots of favorites!!!


mamichelle said...

Whew, I'm tired just reading it all!

Poor little Lulu!!! Hope she's getting better!

Congrats to dd (but not great for mom) on the soccer!!

And very cool on the balloons. They used to go right over my house when we lived in PA (lived across from a soccer field). Love them!!

Becky said...

Thanks for the comment... i have wireless too and love the fact that i can be in bed and still check my email lol.
Hope the puppy is doing better ,she's so cute : )