Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Wow...it's been awhile

I have missed updating my blog because I love to keep life in writing as it makes it easier when I scrapbook. If I forget a date or if I need help with my journaling for a particular event most likely it will be on my blog. Plus I think Dina misses the music...yes, I did update the music just for you Dina.

I have been busy with life...some things that have been keeping me busy are but not limited to: Soccer, purchased another home (rental property), Hawaii trip to update our condo, soccer, soccer, and more soccer. My oldest is also getting ready to attend college in the fall so we have been to orientation and also have been keeping our fingers crossed that our daughter gets into housing there. I was planning on turning her room into a scrapbook room....ha,ha! We have celebrated birthdays, new babies, graduations, and so much more. I will post pictures later and will also post some layouts I have been working on.

I always like to include a picture so here is a picture of the new house we purchased after we did some improvements on it. We did alot of work on the inside and I will post beore and after pics later. The new renters move in today!


mamichelle said...

Wow, you've improved it quite a bit! It looks great. Glad you updated. I miss reading your posts.

Gaynol said...

Glad you're posting again. The house looks really nice! It's great when you can do the work yourselves.