Sunday, April 03, 2011

Fab-U-lous Weekend...That's What She Said!

This past Friday/Saturday we celebrated Elizabeth's birthday at Santana Row and had a beautiful outdoor shopping, dining, people watching experience! Marleen, Dina, Cara, myself and of course E had dinner at the Left Bank can you say delish? Our waitress was sweet and apparently suffered a concussion a week earlier and was still a lil cloudy in the head. We teased her about remembering our food order and at the end of our dinner we told her that we had paid our bill already. I guess she wasn't that cloudy in the head after all because we had to pay up :)

After stuffing our faces we went over to the Vintage Wine Bar that is located right across the street from the Left Bank restaurant. We had a bottle of vino and of course we people watched yet again. We always have a great time when we get together and this time was no different, I love hanging out with the girls. After a bottle of vino we went back to the hotel and had some cupcakes, sang happy birthday and then headed to the V Bar (inside the hotel we were staying at) for a cocktail and some really there were some interesting folks at the V Bar.

We headed back to the room so that Marleen could get her things since she had an a planned drive to San Diego the next day. I got us girls a {That's What She Said} t-shirt because that's how we roll and if I need to explain what that means then you don't need to know cause I don't want to pollute your mind :P anyway us girls put on our shirts and comfy pants and hung out for a little bit then headed down to the lobby with Marleen so that she could head home. A few guys were asking what the shirts were about and again if they don't know... well you know. It seems like the girls knew what wording on the t-shirts meant and were giggling when they read the t-shirts. Well we said our good byes to M and then a DeLorean rolls up, no kidding, seriously are we being Punked?! Just like the one in Back to the Future, now are we being Punked?! So of course we had to take a pic of E in front of the DeLorean. We decided to head on up to the room and I swear we are being Punked still because we run into a character of a fellow and wouldn't you know it his name is Pretty Tony! Seriously that's your name? "That's what people call me." Huh? Okay so E asks if we can get a pic with him and he was happy to oblige. Pretty Tony reminds me of someone and I thought he looked like the lead singer from The Time y only with straight, I mean really straight longish hair. No, he reminds me of someone else and when I remember I will post it cause this is gonna bug me like forever! Okay my husband says he looks like Bootsy Collins...(yea, now I can go to bed in peace!) :)

The next day after a yummy breakfast Elizabeth and Cara go the Burke Williams for a spa treatment. Dina and I stay back in the room and look through magazines, catch up and then clean up. Once E and C arrive from their most fab spa treatments we head back out to grab lunch and we end up at the Left Bank again! Hey you can't go wrong at LB that is unless we get the same waitress only she is having a bad concussion sort of day and can't even remember why she's there. We had a great lunch along with a tasty Bloody Mary and the C heads home to be with her babies :) E, D and I go shopping for a bit and then head home.

We were blessed with beautiful weather the whole weekend and all I can say is I am happy to have these women in my life! I only wish A was with us to celebrate.

Thankfully today was another beautiful day but I spent 99.9% of the day inside cleaning the house and my scrap room the. It's late gonna go get some shut eye, good night all :D

P.S. I can only post a certain number of pics will post the rest tomorrow :)

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