Sunday, April 10, 2011

Went to San Francisco & I Got My Scrap OnToo!

I went to a scrapbook event yesterday at Cordevalle with some friends. We met new some new scrapbookers through Meet Up and they were all very nice ladies. The staff at Cordevalle were very sweet and accommodating! The food was amazing and we would return to scrapbook there again in a heartbeat!! The hostess Arianna was super nice and even gave us a cute goodie bag/bucket filled with Easter chocolate, tissue, notebook, and a scrap case! I didn't take my camera but here is a layout I did.

Richard and I took Lauren and her friend Christian to San Francisco this past Friday. It's an interesting and beautiful city but not one in which I would want to live. I am used to a slower pace than the pace in SF. People coming out of no where and crossing the street without a second thought. Seriously some guy almost got hit by a car and he was angry with the driver of the car but HELLO you crossed and we had a green light...idiot! With that being said the weather was good a little windy and a little chilly at times but overall a good weather day.

The first stop we made was the . We had some awesome lunch meets, empandas and the kids had vegan/organic donuts. Seriously Richard and I could have spent the whole day there eating, drinking, shopping and people watching. We walked like what seemed like forever! We walked to the Musee Mecanique Mechanical Museum it was an interesting place to say the least. We each had our fortunes given to us by a mechanical old woman. After that the kids chowed on some fresh crab while walking over to Pier 39. We went our separate ways and Richard and I had a drink while the kids walked around. We finished the day in SF walking the city and going to a few stores. When we got into Morgan Hill we stopped at Huntington Station for dinner.
***Darn photos will not load so I will try posting them individually.