Monday, March 26, 2007

A picture a day in March Challenge

Day 28 Your computer~ I don't know how we all managed before our computers..gotta love technology!

Day 27 Something you use everyday~ This one was easy!

Day 26 View from your front door~ I live in a gated community surrounded by farm land so not too much going on around the neighborhood.

Day 25 Something that makes you smile~ My Lulu makes me smile, I just love her!

Day 24 Something colorful~ I love my potted plants.....

Day 23 Something you always have with you~ I always have several things with me but the most important thing is my inhaler!! Must have this to breath at times!!!!!!

Day 22 A pile of~ I will cheat and use a picture I have used before. My husband always says I have piles every where. I disagree.....

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