Sunday, May 13, 2007

Happy Mother's Day

I had a wonderful Mother's Day. It started on Friday when my husband and I were shopping and we went into a store to browse. My husband asked me if I liked a purse that he pointed to and I said yes. Then he said don't you need a matching wallet. Yesssssssss, I said. I now own a beautiful brown Gucci purse and wallet. My two daughters woke me early on Sunday with beautiful pink tulips, a card, and handmade note cards that my youngest made in school. My mom and dad brought me some beautiful roses. Then it was off to celebrate Mother's Day at Hayes Mansion and enjoyed brunch with our family. I have to say it was my husband's birthday too and I feel badly that he has to share his day with me and his mother. I will try to post pic's tomorrow.

I hope your Mother's Day was a nice as mine! Happy Mother's Day!

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mamichelle said...

Wow, great gifts for you!!

My dh's bday is always on Mother's Day weekend (5/11) too!