Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Too much Sake.....

Okay, I thought 30 somethings aren't supposed to have hang-overs! We are supposed to be smarter now that we are in our thirties. I am ashamed to say I had too much Sake on Sunday night. We were at a farewell party (owners sold) at a restaurant in downtown Morgan Hill. It did not hit me how much Sake I had had until two hours later, weird huh? I wasted a whole Monday recovering, it was the worst hang over ever. Okay, I wasn't the only one with a hang over but still. Oh, by-the-way I lost 2.4 lbs. recovering....not a good way to lose weight I know.

I'll post a layout later on today. Until then I will slowly add food to my tummy and hope for the best.

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mamichelle said...

oooh, that's nasty! Did you know I thought 40 somethings weren't supposed to get hangovers either but I do!!

I'm looking forward to a Cinco de Mayo party at my neighbors on Sat. but I know I will die the next morning. I love their homemade margaritas but they're killers! LOL