Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Las Vegas Baby!

My husband and I left for our Vegas trip on 5/24 and returned on the 27th and boy were we exhausted when we returned!! We had a fun time and ate some really outstanding food. Let's not forget the excellent wine that he picked out. We shopped and he surprised me with some great goodies!! He also got some things along the way.

On Saturday we went to my first UFC event. It was interesting and the crowd was alive and ready to see some ass kicking. Most of the pre-fights were good but the main event was not all that. Chuck Liddell got spanked by Jackson. The fight lasted like less than two minutes into the first round......what the???? Just what we did not want to happen a short fight and a loss for Chuck. Not taking anything away from Jackson cause he's a great fighter. Oh well, it was a fun time.


mamichelle said...

Glad you had fun! Great photo!!

chris jenkins said...

you told me you did have a wonderful time while you were visiting my city!
long time, no post. hoping that means you are really busy having a wonderful summer!

take care~