Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Happy Earth Day!

Here are some links to help you {Go Green}. Found the following on the Oprah website.

A group that reduces junk mail and plants trees. For more information or to sign up.

Nalgene water bottles
These water bottles are durable, inexpensive, can be used repeatedly and are widely recyclable.

Earth 911
Find information about environmental services and events in your community.

Seventh Generation products
Seventh Generation is one of the leading brands of nontoxic household products.

The Green Book by Elizabeth Rogers and Thomas Kostigen
Simple things you can do to save the planet.

Bringing your own bag when shopping saves plastic bags.

GE Energy Smart lightbulbs
GE Energy Smart bulbs use 70 to 75 percent less energy than incandescent lightbulbs and last up to 10 times longer than incandescent bulbs. For example, by using a 26-watt compact fluorescent lightbulb—equivalent to a 100-watt incandescent lightbulb—users can save up to $59 on energy costs over the life of the bulb. Saving energy saves money and is better for the environment.

BITS Ltd. smart power strips
Even after turning off a computer, power continues to flow to computer peripherals like printers and scanners. This power strip ($32.99) stops the energy from being wasted.

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