Monday, April 21, 2008

Straight or Curly???

So I've heard BIG hair is back...not to sure but I read it over at Melody's Sofa

So what do you think straight or curly?? I have naturally curly hair but I do have to throw the curling iron on a few spots by my ears....don't know why but my hair is less curly there.

Who knew they had a website for those of us with curly hair?? Here's the link

Which do you like more? Vote over on the top right hand side of page ;D


Becky said...

I voted curly,but honestly they both look good on you,I have naturally straight hair thats very hard to curl,so i have always liked curly know you always want what you don't have : )
You;re lucky to have them both!!

mamichelle said...

Oooh, such a tough choice. My son's gf is just like you, very curly. She straightens it all the time and he loves it curly. I like it both ways and it's so nice you have an option!