Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Go Toros!!!

We participated in the Wine Country Classic Soccer Tournament this weekend and what an awesome soccer experience we had. We won 1st Place!!!! Our girls did a wonderful job and were very dedicated and skilled to say the least. They pushed themselves when I know they wanted to stop, we had a total of four games in two days. The weather was nice but a little warm in the later afternoon games. We were the youngest team by 1-2years and we only had one sub. The other girls were 13-14 years old and had anywhere from 4-6 subs. All of our games were shutouts. Our Lauren scored a goal and assisted in another! We are very proud of her as it has taken a little time for her to adjust to her new team and position. This is a competition level team (Division I Select) and it was a drastic step up from her Division III Competitive team.

P.S. They also won 1st Place in the tournament before this one only someone accidentally took the 1st place trophy's home with them so we watched as the 2nd place team got their trophy's. Not to worry though we got the trophy's and will hand them out at our soccer party this weekend that will be held in our home.
Go Toros!!!!!!

Not the greatest pictures but better than nothing at all.


Amanda said...

Oh Juls, I absolutely LOVE your blog design!! It is GORGEOUS!! I love the diamonds, and the translucent pink background.. Wow! So striking!! Thanks so much for saying "Hi!" on my blog!! :)

Amanda said...

P.S. Oh, only three times!! That's nothin'! :) I feel like I use the same words over and over again in my blog posts too.. I begin almost every sentence on my recipe blog with "Now...." LOL! :)